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Led by Melanie Martinelli, with over 30 years of equine experience, the Solitude Ranch team is committed to the safe, ethical and successful operation of a full-service thoroughbred breeding facility. Over the top hospitality for the Texas horse racing industry sets Solitude Thoroughbreds apart. From a Stallion Station to rehabilitation, our expert team will show you and your horses top tier accommodation!

Austin Mowrey. Austin has grown up within the thoroughbred industry, as both sides of his family have been involved in breeding and racing for 40+ years. Over the last 4+ years, Austin has been directly involved in the California and Indiana breeding scenes. His family currently stands a stallion in Indiana, and has several yearlings and weanlings who will hit the track shortly. With first-hand experience in these regional markets, Austin brings an understanding of the tactics and strategies that are paramount to success in a state like Texas. At Solitude, Austin will act as the farm’s Bloodstock Manager. He will manage yearlings and two year olds entering sales, strengthen and develop our broodmare band, manage the farm’s racing stable, and assist in media and marketing efforts. Austin brings an immense amount of passion for the racing industry, as well as a unique perspective on how to appeal  / grow the sport amongst younger generations. Solitude is excited to bring Austin aboard, and is looking forward to continued growth in breeding and racing in Texas

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