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Solitude owners believe racing should be accessible to everyone.  In addition to our
Sale Offerings, we are currently offering multiple programs that we hope will encourage you to
Get in The Game!


nags2riches, LLC

Horse syndication is now the most common way for new owners to get involved in racehorse ownership.  Pooling resources means more purchasing power. Syndication also allows owners to reduce the ongoing costs of horse ownership.  

Solitude offers select horses, allowing everyday Americans to experience the thrill of competitive racehorse ownership at only a fraction of the cost.

Hell on Heels

 This ladies only club for horseracing enthusiasts and owners is a blast! Our club events include derby parties, boxes at major races, access to stables (limited), fractional ownerships in a Solitude race horse, and of course- best hat contests! Get to know other ladies who share your passion for horse racing and get your picture taken in the winners circle!

Leasing one of Solitude’s select mares gives the lessee the ability to raise their own foals without purchasing the mare. Mares, must be bred to Solitude stallions and must remain at Solitude. Once ready to wean, the foal is yours- you are officially a breeder! Lease the same mare or a different mare each year. Need help deciding, let us help you with the nicking!

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